Radar & National Key Scheme…

It’s arrived! Ordered just last week and my Radar key has been delivered so very quickly!

radar key

radar key

Recently I have read a number of Blogs, on-line articles, as well as the brilliant advice pages and documents available from Crohn’s & Colitis UK, that have suggested getting a Radar key from Disability Rights UK, just incase I’m ever caught short and in need. Now I do understand that I am not exactly Disabled, I am very Able in-fact, but having IBD/Ulcerative Colitis/Proctitis is a very new experience for me, as I am sure it is for many people at the start of their journeys… So, I thought it best to apply for a key and use only when it is really needed, as chances are some one else may be more in need?!

The Radar NKS (National Key Scheme) from Disability Rights UK is, quote “The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.”. At £2.25 for the Radar key, plus an additional £1.75 P+P, it’s a steal! Even a brilliant little investment for anyone travelling to the UK, even if only for a weekend!

Now there are a number of items available for sale on the Radar Shop, but I found myself another brilliant little App!

Radar NKS App

Radar NKS App

Let’s Get ‘Appy’! 🙂

The Radar National Key Scheme App (Available on iOS) is FREE to download, ignore the outdated reviews about it being expensive, it is definitely 100% FREE! It’s Fantastic! *I’m using a lot of CAPITALS because I think it really is worth while!*

Radar App

Radar App

The App has great features such as locating your nearest facility, searching for a facility near a place of interest/work/etc, it even stores a list of your most recently searched and even favourite facilities… Not had much chance to use the App yet, I haven’t been that adventurous, but why should having Inflammatory Bowel Disease stop anyone?! As soon as I have experienced any of the facilities, used the App for its intended purpose, I’ll come back with an update.

So I’m currently feeling better everyday following my first major flare. Getting back into real food again is an amazing experience, actually getting excited over tinned rice pudding and other sweet treats may seem a little sad, but to quote Peter Kay – “It’s a taste sensation!”.

Good health to all, Dan…

MyQOL: 9.4/10 (30/07/13) Getting back up there, thanks to some hard work!
Last Weigh-In: 13st 3 & 1/4lbs (30/07/13) Looks like I’ve stopped losing, Brilliant!
Last CRP Check: 52 (08/07/13)

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One Response to Radar & National Key Scheme…

  1. scaresic says:

    I used the aptly named toiletfinder app during my last flare but will be sure to check out the RADAR one if required!

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